Amy SheardownReal Estate Advisor

Amy isn't your average Florida Real Estate Agent—she's a Sarasota local with a passion for helping people find their dream homes in the Sunshine State. Born and raised in this beautiful area, she's a proud graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa. You could say, helping people discover their 'forever home' here is more of a calling than a job for her.

Amy may work behind the scenes, but her role is instrumental in making sure every real estate transaction goes off without a hitch. She's the one who dots every 'i' and crosses every 't,' ensuring that your journey to homeownership is as smooth as it can be.

As a Realtor, Director of Operations, and Transaction Coordinator, Amy wears many hats. She's the friendly voice you can count on when you have questions, the detail-oriented pro who manages all the paperwork, and the expert who collaborates seamlessly with title companies and lenders. In her eight years as a licensed realtor, she's honed her skills and built a reputation for her attention to detail, endless patience, top-notch customer service, and in-depth knowledge of Florida's real estate market.

When she's not working hard to find your dream home, Amy is out there living the Florida dream herself. You can catch her outdoors, boating, paddle boarding, hiking, or out with her dog Oakley. She's a true advocate for the Florida lifestyle and loves nothing more than sharing all the beauty and opportunities the state has to offer with her clients.
Amy isn't just a realtor; she's your local guide to the Florida life you've always dreamed of.