James KillebrewReal Estate Advisor

James was born in Tampa, just like his father before him! He grew up here, went to school here, married his high school sweetheart here (over 35 years ago), worked hard here, raised amazing kids here, and absolutely loves the lifestyle of the Tampa Bay Area! “When you live in paradise, why live anywhere else?” Once the owner of a fourth-generation, 100 year old company, James sold his interest a few years ago to join with his wife Shawn’s thriving real estate business and Home Shores Collection was founded. With his history in the Tampa Bay area and keen business sense, he is an asset to every transaction. Shawn and James truly love working together helping others enjoy the process of finding their next home or property. James and Shawn enjoy their free-time with 4 grown children, 4 grandchildren (and the many grand-dogs and grand-cats, too!) James is a businessman that believes in the trust of a handshake, doing the right thing is never wrong, and treating all people fairly is the only way to be. He is known as PoPa (POE-PAW) to his grandkids, and they are the light of his life! When not spending time with family, James can be found watching sunsets on a beach, enjoying almost any sporting event, or relaxing in one of the many fantastic restaurants found here in the Tampa Bay Area. Like he says…. “When you live in paradise…”