Linda Ross PrestonReal Estate Advisor

If one can be born to be an international business person, Linda is that one. Born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, Linda was accepted into the steemed International Baccalaureate (I.B.) program. Founded in 1968, this highly respected program is recognized worldwide for its commitment to developing the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn, work and thrive in a rapidly globalizing world. Linda earned the coveted I.B. diploma upon graduation with a final G.P.A. of 4.375, while simultaneously completing over 350 hours of community service and maintaining one, and sometimes two, jobs. Not surprisingly, Linda was accepted into the University of Florida’s prestigious Warrington School of Business where she completed her degree a year ahead of her highly motivated peers, graduating magna cum laude. The scholarship that she earned and maintained at Florida resulted in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business with a specialization in Spanish and a minor in Economics. Fascinated by foreign culture and language, Linda also became fluent in Spanish while developing a thirst for the customs and mores exhibited throughout the world. Linda was equally fascinated by the world of business, accepting an internship with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network (NMFN) during her last semesters of college. Driven to succeed, she immersed herself in NMFN’s highly regarded training program. After leading her intern group in overall sales, Linda joined them as a full-time financial advisor upon graduation. She still credits the exceptional training she received in communication, financial planning, asset management strategies, and long term planning as cornerstones of the success she would go on to achieve. The NMFN experience also instilled within Linda an entrepreneurial hunger. She then co-founded MVP Consulting, a business coaching services group that would impact the lives of more than 38,000 business professionals, with Jarrett Preston. She was responsible for the company’s daily operations and its financial management. When approached to launch the first International company dedicated to facilitating the trade of high-end assets by successful individuals and companies located anywhere in the world, she could not resist. It was as if her ideal opportunity, one that would involve her language fluency, her appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures, her relentless commitment to personal service and her exceptional business and transactional acumen, was coming to fruition far ahead of her expectations. There, she was instrumental in developing the company’s global network while providing meticulous transactional oversight in the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond. Quite simply, it became obvious that international asset trading was the perfect match for her skill set and personality. Now she brings those skills to Coastal Properties Group International in order to leverage the resources to provide to her clients. Her commitment to excellent service and depth of knowledge of the local Real Estate market as a 30+ year resident allow her to provide top-notch results.