Morgan SheweyReal Estate Advisor

Morgan, a native of Illinois, has always carried a strong determination to achieve success while making a positive impact on others. In pursuit of her goals, she ventured to Tampa in 2018 to enroll at the University of Tampa, where she dedicated herself to studying International Business & Entrepreneurship. Driven by a genuine compassion for those in need, Morgan is a proud Co-Founder of the Hands 4Life Global Nonprofit Organization. Through this organization, she participates in inspiring work that focuses on caring for the elderly and children. One of the organization's notable initiatives involves pairing orphaned children with orphaned elderly individuals, creating beautiful new families and fostering a sense of belonging. As a testament to her commitment, Morgan generously donates a portion of her earnings to support Hands 4Life's impactful endeavors.

Morgan's career path led her to the realm of real estate, a profession that resonates with her love for connecting with people and nurturing relationships. By working in this dynamic field, she finds fulfillment in continually giving back while also advancing her personal growth. Morgan recognizes that each real estate journey is unique and she considers it an honor to walk alongside her clients, offering guidance and support every step of the way.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Morgan cherishes quality time spent with her family and friends and she enjoys all that Tampa Bay has to offer. With a passion for service, a dedication to building meaningful relationships, and a drive to make a positive impact, Morgan embodies a remarkable combination of ambition and compassion. She is ready and eager to accompany you on your real estate journey, sharing her expertise and contributing to a good cause in the process.