Sarah MarkopoulosReal Estate Advisor

Highly regarded for her first-class Real Estate services, Sarah's tenacity, expertise, and strategy within the Luxury Home Market, serve as valuable assets for clients preparing for their next phase. She's thorough in her approach to understanding what's most important to her clients, and keenly attuned to the latest real estate market trends and analytics, which allows her to always champion her clients' best interests. 

Whether downsizing or trading up, successfully buying or selling a luxury home requires a designated professional; as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Sarah is a master at her craft, with a passion for all intricacies within the process. Clients have confidence in knowing they have sophisticated representation when it comes to their Luxury Real Estate outcomes.

Through her extensive network and know-how, Sarah often knows of the next properties coming to market soon, serving as a great resource & advantage for buyers on the hunt in a competitive market. When creating a compelling Luxury Home Marketing Plan, Sarah spends the time to learn the property's history & most appealing attributes. She excels at prioritizing the most cost-effective way to showcase best features to generate a high level of interest, ensuring a seamless transition for her clients.

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Sarah was a top producer for Tony Robbins’ Companies in the Business Mastery Division for 10 years, and trained by the best. She's a Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and Economics. She's been sought out and employed by worldwide recognized companies including Walt Disney World, Heineken USA, and Hyatt Hotels for her unparalleled, servant leadership. Her background, experience, network, attention to detail, market expertise, specializations, communication style, and clear understanding of her clients’ needs & priorities are what sets her apart. Sarah’s thoughtful and warm style has generated a steady stream of referrals from her many satisfied clients. She's lived in the Tampa Bay & St Petersburg area since 2005, enjoys reading, traveling, yoga, and mothering her twins with love!